Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The "Death" of a Computer

Greetings, readers! Let me start off by saying that I had absolutely no intention of going this long without an update! My computer, however, got sick. Algy was a good computer. He got me all the way through college without too much trouble. Until the last year. Well, there was the epic crash of '09, but we won't go into that. Last year, he started to die. He hid it well, for the most part. I knew there was trouble when he started commiting suicide on a regular basis. Oh yes, computers can commit suicide to. Think about it. "My computer just died" does not mean you are about to go out to the back 40 and bury it. Usually. In my case it meant that the battery had been depleted and Algy had shut down. Well, Algy would unplug himself if he didn't like the way I did my hair. Or if I moved him. Or if I moved something around him. Or...well you get the picture. This problem, like all problems with electronics, started small and got more and more annoying and problematic as time past. However, this alone I could have dealt with

Next came a bigger problem. Now, I know it sounds paranoid, but Algy was just waiting for me to mess up so he could do something else and die a little more. It's true! I spilled 3 drops of milk in the far bottom right hand of the keyboard. Algy flipped out. Not ALL the keys quit working. The ones that did were very important though. The b, the d, the w, the . (yes, the period), the 2, the 3, and the right arrow quit. Take a moment if you will. Look at your keyboard. Those keys are nowhere near each other!! And they are pretty important. Try riting a sentence ithout them an you ill see hat I mean y it as really annoying! o you have any iea ho many time you use those keys in a sentence?! So, I got an external keyboard on Amazon to finish out the school year. That worked great. Until the next problem.

Around June, just after my last post, both USB ports decided to quit working. They would send a signal out to whatever I plugged in, but Algy refused to take in any information from what was plugged in. Flashdrives, CD player, ... Keyboard. And that, dear readers, is why I have not updated my blog. Although I got very good at tricking spell-check into giving me the words I wanted, it took forever!
Now, a new computer has joined the family. His name is d'Artagnan (d'Arty for short). So far he is working terrifically and ALL the keys work!! And just for the record, No d'Artagnan was not one of the "Three Musketeers". The three were Athos, Porthos, and Aramais. D'Artagnan was, however, the main character of the book. Not that you didn't know that. I was just clarifying.

In other news, I landed my dream-job teaching this summer!!! Well, end of summer/fall. There will for sure be more on that later, but this post is getting too long so I will be done now.

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